T S Steel Company Ltd. was founded in Taichung in 1968. Cyuansing factory was built in 1993. There are about 100 employees at present. Our main products are merchant bars such as flat bars, channel bars , angle bars etc., our factory has a monthly capacity of 10,000 metric tons, is the largest producer of flat bars in Taiwan. Our products are main applied in Machinery field, Steel structure, Steel Bridge, building, shipbuilding and so on. About 40% of our products are exported to New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada and Southeast Asia.

Basic information

Founded date: DEC.01.1968
Capital: NTąC450 millions
Employees: 100 people
Capacity: 10,000 mts per month
Area: 25,000ąT
President: Augustus C.C Chang

Add: NO.6,Gong 6th Rd., Cyuansing Industrial Park, Shengang Shiang, Changhua Caunty Taiwan.R.C.O
Tal: 04-7980060 Fax: 04-7980243
E-mail: sales@tssteel.com.tw
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